Author’s roles and responsibilities

  1. The article that the author submitted for consideration in the Journal of Applied Informatics and Technology (JIT) must be a research paper that has not been published or in the process of being considered for publication with any journal before.
  2. Authors must be careful about plagiarism by not copying other authors’ works, including your own works that have previously been published (Self-plagiarism). Whenever citing material from another article, the author must always properly refer to that article.
  3. If a research article to be submitted for consideration in a journal is related to participants/volunteers or animals, authors should investigate and act in accordance with ethical principles. By strictly complying with laws and regulations, the participants/volunteers must always give consent before using data collection.
  4. If the research is funded by any funding source, the author must disclose the funding source in the article.
  5. The copyright of the article belongs to the JIT, so the authors must agree to transfer the copyright to the journal, and, must not publish the work with other journals, after it has been published with JIT.
  6. All authors appearing in the article must be contributors to scholarly work. The journal will not allow editing of the author’s name, after the article has been published, unless the author’s name has an error such as misspelling or the name of the institute is wrong, etc.

Research Integrity Policy: Ethics in Human Research

Research articles submitted for publication related to ethics in human research must be approved by an institution’s board of ethics in human research. Therefore, the author may need to attach documents requesting ethics in human research (if any).

Peer Reviewer’s Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Peer reviewers must not seek benefits from the self-assessed research results.
  2. Peer reviewers must consider the quality of the articles, by using academic principles and reasons. Before agreeing to review an article, reviewers must declare any competing interests (also known as ‘conflicts of interest’).
  3. Accepted as a qualified peer reviewer, the peer reviewers must take into account their knowledge and ability in order to assess the quality of the article effectively.
  4. If the peer reviewers find the article contains plagiarism from other researchers, they must notify the editor immediately.
  5. Peer reviewers must not disclose the details of the article being considered to others.They must keep the time for reviewing articles according to the period specified by the journal.

Editor’s Role and Responsibilities

  1. The editors of the Journal of Applied Informatics and Technology (JIT) are responsible for reviewing articles submitted by considering whether those articles are consistent with the aims and scope of the journal or not.  
  2. Editors must review the article quality assessment process including the quality of every article before publishing.
  3. The editor has a duty to check for plagiarism, and, if an abnormality of the article is found, such as plagiarism or duplicity, the review process can be stopped and the author must be contacted for clarification.
  4. Editors must not be affiliated with the authors (also known as a  ‘conflict of interest’,) or the panel of peer reviewers.
  5. Editors must not change the content of the articles, and the results of the article evaluation from peer reviewers.
  6. Editors must strictly follow the process of reviewing journal articles.
  7. Editors must maintain standards and develop journals to be of a higher quality.

Updated: 12 September 2023

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